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Productive Procrastination #35

Meditation in the Time of Disruption by Mike Powell – A deeper look at the trend around meditation apps, which lead me to Insight Timer (recommended)Next time work makes you feel less than human, should you gently speak truth to power, or should you use mindf…


Productive Procrastination #34

I'm always interested in “how the sausage gets made,” especially in politics. That's why I pick up any book about inside-stories from, for example, Obama's White House or German election campaigns. I want to know how it is in the room where it happens…About t…


Productive Procrastination #33 – What I want to read Edition

Why ‘Black Panther’ Is a Defining Moment for Black America – One of the best to understand the success from the outside. Making Energy Futures at the Island Edge


Productive Procrastination CW 4/2018

This article cleans up a lot of the misconceptions about the Luddites and explains how they are deliberately used to silence critical thinking.Erin Kissane uses thisThere’s no other article that I’ve learned more from this week than this one.Buzzfeed profiles…


Productive Procrastination CW 4/2018

China Miéville is on his own level – as usual – in this interview on -topias and “salvage”. I've been mostly playing Civ 6 on my iPad, but I'm going to reinstall Civ 5 to play this: An institute studying ‘existential risk’ has made a Civilization mod about su…


Productive Procrastination CW 1/2018

Streetwear is one of those fields that I keep a close eye on for inspiration and insight because it's usually pretty early to broader trends. The Hundreds is a Californian brand, and I've been following its founder Bobby Hundreds for a couple of years now. He…


Productive Procrastination – CW 50/2017

BooksI read Harari's Homo Deus over the summer. Boy, that guy can write. And he's the king of punchlines. I enjoyed Homo Deus as a terrific piece of scenario work as he framed it. But once, he got to technology and the possible futures; I think I've never scr…


Productive Procrastination #28 – Link Dump

I always love me a good summer reading list. I'm already set for France but would love to hear your recommendations on what book to take to the beach or the balcony this summer (fiction and non-fiction). I will collect all the recommendations and put together…


Productive Procrastination #27 – The Future is Cyberpunk

I still need to give a shoutout to all of you who sent tips and made introductions for my trip to San Francisco: Jasmine, Debcha, Matt, Mark, Patrick, David, Eliot, Hannes, Josh, and Daniel. You can find a set of photos from the trip on my blog. Let me try an…


Productive Procrastination #26 – San Francisco, what's up?

Over the last few years, there has been no other city that I’ve never been to, that came up more often in conversations – personal or professional – than San Francisco. It is closely connected to “Silicon Valley,” which has become more of a shibboleth for the…


Productive Procrastination #25 – Resisting & Self-Care

Welcome back. There's so much to write. But I don't want to delay this issue any longer. One of the biggest issues for me right now is how to stay engaged without losing my mind. That's why I've put together a small list of articles that provide helpful tips …


Productive Procrastination #24

#AbyssGaze and Grand Hotel AbyssYou've got to give it to Warren, releasing a book called ‘Normal’ in 2016, in which futurists try to deal with staring so much into the abyss that the abyss stared back and now they are in a sanatorium. He established the Hasht…


Productive Procrastination #23

Welcome back. I'm getting ready for another week off at the Baltic Sea. So expect more book reviews, once I'm back. In the meantime, a couple of reading recommendations from the last weeks. Take care,Johannes


Productive Procrastination #22 – Vacation Reading

Ursula Franklin: The Real World of TechnologyRecommended some time ago by Deb Chachra, I chose an odd week to read finally this manuscript of a series of lectures Franklin gave in 1989: I finished the book more or less on the same day, she passed away. This m…


Productive Procrastination #21

Welcome back. I'll be off(line) next week to spend some time by a lake in Sweden. In the meantime, I've put together my favorite articles from the first half of 2016. And if you have recommendations for what to read this summer, I'm all ears. Take care,Johann…


Productive Procrastination #20

“We need to stop seeing technology criticism as destructive; rather, it gives us the opportunity to shape the future of technology in our everyday lives.”–Sara M. Watson


Productive Procrastination #19

“My cynicism is just the scar tissue over wounds inflicted by my optimism’s many battles with reality.”–Clayton CubittWelcome back.This is a quick one. You might remember that I said about cycling that I am surprised how much I can torture myself on the bike.…


Productive Procrastination #18

I’ve finished Octavia Butler’s Parable of the Sower, finally. It took me a bit because it is so fucking bleak. It describes a near-future United States that has fallen apart and abandoned almost any rule of law. People are fighting for survival. Butler has no…


Productive Procrastination #17

FutureEverything was a bit strange. Most talks were interesting and inspiring. But the whole conference felt lacking in energy. The room was only have full for most of the time. It could also just be my perspective as I enjoyed the Haunted Machines conference…


Productive Procrastination #16

So much good stuff out there. First, I can always recommend reading up on Warrens current series Injection and Trees. Both great stories and beautiful artworks. Also enjoyed his take on James Bond, but mostly for the insight jokes about Berlin (see above from…