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Productive Procrastination #1


Productive Procrastination

December 7 · Issue #1 · View online

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Boy, the time I already spent on thinking about a title for this newsletter… And I’m doing this while I should be doing a million other things, obviously. But hey, productive procrastination will be the title of my memoirs anyway. And now, it’s also the title of this newsletter. The power of writing out thoughts… 
Which is exactly why I’m starting this: another experiment with forcing myself to get out of my head and put thoughts into words. Oh, and also producing an alternative stream to Twitter of things that have caught my attention. Welcome. It will only get more confusing. 

Reading Recommendations
Magical Thinking about Isis
Stepping Down: Rethinking the Fitness Tracker
The Uber Counterculture
The rating game
How Railroad History Shaped Internet History
Podcast Recommendation: Hardcore History
For the slight chance that someone among my readers hasn’t heard of Dan Carlin‘s Hardcore History podcast yet, I highly recommend checking it out. His latest series Blueprint for Armageddon, in which he tells the story of the first World War, is a good start. 
What he does is looking at an event or an epoch from history by going through tons of material and combines them into one tale. But he always mentions his sources and how they differ, what might have been their biases etc. He provides a ton of context around events to give the listener a much better idea why stuff might have happened. Oh, and he has one of the best voices for podcasting I can imagine. 
Btw. Carlin has a second podcast called Common Sense that is more about contemporary politics.  
On the road
This is the staircase at the library of the Brandenburg University of Technology where I gave a talk (video) a couple of weeks ago. 
I also was at the Heinrich-Böll-Stiftung last week for a panel discussion (video) about the future of work. It was a lot of fun to have a debate with Markus Albers whom I have known for many years and who’s responsible for my 15 minutes of fame (the Brand Eins cover). 
Thank you
That’s it for issue #1. Thanks for tagging along from the start. I’m expecting the format to change a lot. It’s interesting to me how the constraints of what Revue offers helps me to come up with ideas for what to put in here and how. Well, see you next Monday.
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  • Also on Goodreads, which I’ve started to use a bit more again. 
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