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Productive Procrastination #2


Productive Procrastination

December 14 · Issue #2 · View online

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“You have become a lot more political, indeed,” 
a friend of mine from university told me recently. He saw me give the “Are machines taking away our jobs?” talk (video) in my hometown Darmstadt a couple of weeks ago. Coming back to the place where I grew up and went to university made me more aware of how people who have known me for quite long might perceive how I have changed. All my digging into these questions around the future of work, startup culture and the Californian Ideology and many other topics has fundamentally altered my perspective and thus my position. I used to promote flexible working conditions, now I’m calling for a new (digital) worker movement, for example. 
That’s also why I actually don’t like the term ‘productive procrastination’ very much. It reeks of a neoliberal definition of work and life in general. And the last two years were a lot about becoming aware of my own conditioning in this ideology. Nevertheless, I’m trying to find out currently where the transition areas are between work as something that a capitalist system wants to force upon us and something that is inherently in us, that gives us satisfaction and identity. It will be the topic of my next Republica talk, I guess. 
So I’m pretty sure I will keep on developing my position as I keep on learning and discovering. As Third Wave, we’re always saying that we want to see a clear development in our work from year to year. If we look back 12 months and see that we’re still pretty much as the same point in our thinking and our approach, we consider it a huge warning sign. So my assumption is that I will continue to surprise people with changing my mind. I’m okay with that. And I keep the title of this newsletter until I find a better one. 

Plans for Upcoming Conferences
As I get ask a lot what conferences to attend: here are the upcoming events that I already have a ticket for or plan to attend. 
  • I’ve been meaning to go to the congress of the Chaos Communication Club for years but always opted for using the time between Christmas and New Years to wind down. My plan for 32C3 is to make at least a day trip to Hamburg. But from what I read, it’s going to be hard to get hold of one of the day passes. Might try it anyway. 
  • Transmediale in Berlin has become a fixed date in my calendar in the last three years. The media arts festival is a great opportunity to get out of my own bubble and listen to different perspectives on similar topics. 
  • Igor and I will be back in Manchester for FutureEverything at the end of March. Last year saw the fantastic conference-in-a-conference track of Haunted Machines. And the first announcement of speakers is already promising. It’s one of those conferences where I highly enjoy to just sit in and listen. 
  • Two weeks later in April, we will finally attend the Theorizing the Web conference in NYC. I’ve been following the streams from #TtW over the last years and have regretted not being there every single time. 
  • As mentioned above, I’m pretty sure I will end up at Republica again. 
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Elsewhere …
I did a quick radio interview (in German) with the show Was mit Medien on DRadio Wissen, talking about indie magazines and my three recommendations (Makeshift, The Outpost and Delayed Gratification). Also, check out Katis recommendations and insights on that show. 
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