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Productive Procrastination #35


Productive Procrastination

November 11 · Issue #35 · View online

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Welcome back.
This is one of those “Haven’t sent a newsletter in a while. So much stuff has happened. What should I write about? Where should I start? Oh, screw it. Let’s clean out the queues, first”-editions. So, couple of links to articles with quotes, a recommendation for a food show and some stuff from studying.
Enjoy! Let me know, which link was the most interesting to you.
PS: The German startup-magazine Berlin Valley did an interview with me. You can find it here.

It has begun …
It has begun …
What I've read
Meditation in the Time of Disruption by Mike Powell – A deeper look at the trend around meditation apps, which lead me to Insight Timer (recommended)
Next time work makes you feel less than human, should you gently speak truth to power, or should you use mindfulness to self-regulate and maintain function in an oppressive system?
What if We’re All Coming Back? by Michelle Alexander – A thought experiment about how if we knew that we would be reborn might change our take on climate change
Who among us would fail to question capitalism or to demand a political system free from corporate cash if we knew that we’d likely live our next life as a person of color, earning less than $2.50 a day, in some part of the world ravaged by climate change while private corporations earn billions building prisons, detention centers and border walls for profit?
This Is How We Radicalized The World by Ryan Broderick – Broderick has been around the world for Buzzfeed, covering radical movements. This is his dark take on where the world is right now.
The worst part of all of this is that, in retrospect, there’s no real big secret about how we got here. […]
In most countries, reliable publications are going behind paywalls. More services like Amazon Prime and Netflix are locking premium entertainment behind subscriptions. Which means all of this — the trolls, the abuse, the fake news, the conspiracy videos, the data leaks, the propaganda — will eventually stop being a problem for people who can afford it.
Which will most likely leave the poor, the old, and the young to fall into an information divide. This is already happening.
Design Thinking Is Fundamentally Conservative and Preserves the Status Quo by Natasha Iskander – Had some heated discussions around this one on Twitter, which is good.
The trouble with privileging the role of the designer, or even a small circle of designers, in this way is that it radically narrows the potential for innovation. […]
The political dimensions of design thinking are problematic enough on their own, but the method is particularly ill-suited to problems in rapidly changing areas or with lots of uncertainty, since once a design is complete the space that the method opens for ambiguity and new alternatives is shut down.
The genius of The Power is that it conveys how entirely the world is built on male power and male privilege, to the extent that societal structures topple as soon as women are given the advantage.
I’ve finally picked up The Power recently after hearing Rebecca Traister recommend it and finished in within 36 hours.
Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong by Michael Hobbes – If you haven’t read this one yet, do it.
Years from now, we will look back in horror at the counterproductive ways we addressed the obesity epidemic and the barbaric ways we treated fat people—long after we knew there was a better path.
Reading with a pencil by Austin Kleon
I love this idea of marginalia as a way to turn a book into a medium for conversation — a kind of literary note-passing.
This article has changed the way I read. I used to just highlight a lot. Now, I write much more in the margins. The idea of having a conversation with the author stuck with me. It also lead to this.
What I've watched
Salt Fat Acid Heat – Official Trailer
Samin Nosrat’s show about the four essential aspects of cooking is absolutely wonderful. If you take just one thing from this newsletter, then make some time to watch the four episode. And make sure to watch the last five minutes of the last episode to hear her given the best take ‘agency’ that I’ve ever heard.
Here’s a podcast interview with her, if you want to learn more about her background.
To put it bluntly: Most travel food shows are about white male discovery. And most home cooking shows are about white female domesticity. Nosrat gently rejects all of that.
What is radical, then, is to watch Nosrat, a woman of color who is neither a Giada nor an Ina, eat on camera with no reservations, and to do so without any mention of calories or guilty pleasures. She makes no apologies for occupying space and for consuming, even requesting more.
Die heilsame Kraft der Meditation ( Arte Doku, HD )
German: Diese Dokumentation beschäftigt sich mit den aktuellen wissenschaftlichen Erkenntnissen über die Wirkung von Meditation. Lohnt sich. Außer man will auf keinen Fall mit meditieren anfangen…
What I found while studying futures research
This is a collection of the things I posted in the Slack of my master program. Might be interesting to the futures people on here.
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